We want you to have the best pencil in the world:


Blackwing pencils are not like any other pencils you have ever tried.

In 1934, Eberhard Faber emigrated to the United States from his native Germany with the purpose of exporting the family pencil-making business to the new continent. But, in addition, the young Eberhard was determined to create the best pencil in the world, innovating with the type of lead and the design with which he worked scrupulously.

He eventually created the Blackwing, which was unique in several ways:

Made from California cedar wood, it included a rectangular eraser and cap (the metal piece that joins the end of the pencil to the eraser). This feature meant that the pencil did not roll when it was placed on a flat surface (bear in mind that drawing tables of the time were slanted) and, in addition, inside the cap there was a clamp that allowed the eraser to be lifted up as it wore out and replaced with a new one when it ran out.

Its lead was made of graphite from Japan and was smooth and particularly soft, which is why the slogan for the launch of this pencil was “Half pressure, Twice the Speed”. It was a success and became a favorite not only for writers but also for illustrators and musicians.

The Nobel Prize in Literature, John Steinbeck, said of it “I have found a new kind of pencil – the best I ever had… It is called Blackwing and it flies on paper…”

That’s why from AIA we want you to have one. Because we feel identified with this small and modest wooden object that, as in AIA, has drawn thousands of strokes looking for excellence above all else.