AIA are a multidisciplinary team, with 25 years of experience and over 300 built projects; composed of architects, engineers and consultants experts on carrying out architectural, engineering, landscape and interior design projects. This fact allows us to deal with them globally, giving a comprehensive response to all the systems that are part of the project.

We work from the first sketch to the finalisation of the construction work, and the follow-up of the building lifespan monitoring, paying particular attention to sustainability and energy efficiency criteria, as well as to proper functioning of the building and its integration into the environment. As a result, we have been awarded for our environmental sustainability commitment in buildings and facilities design.




We develop architecture projects, from urban planning to construction detail.
Our projects have met the expectations of our clients for all types of buildings, whether public (sport complexes, community-health centers, public space and landscape), corporative (shopping centers, offices, hotels and housing) or private (houses and villas). Sustainability, innovation and creativity are the basis of all our designs.


MEP Engineering

The facilities architectural integration as a built-in part of the building design is essential in all our projects, and so the designed systems are based on the highest commitment to environment and sustainability. Therefore, we propose innovative solutions, taking into account energy saving and simply maintenance regarding environmental, thermal and light control, as  well as security and communications necessities.

We design, calculate and develop MEP engineering projects for new construction buildings, as well as audits and energy and building maintenance consulting.


Albert Salazar
Joan Carles Navarro

Head of Architecture:
Teresa Junyent –

Head of Engineering:
Xavier Martinez –



European Regional Development Fund  (FEDER)

A way to make Europe

AIA (Acvitivats Arquitectòniques SLP), within the framework of the Export Initiation Program of ICEX, has had the support of ICEX and with the co-financing of the European FEDER fund. The purpose of this support is to contribute to the international development of the company and its environment.


“It is obvious that an architect’s professional task is becoming more and more complex every day, but, at the same time, the creative burdens -including the ethic ones- cannot be left to one side- since they have always been present as the intellectual basis and commitment to culture. This creates a situation which, if not reorganised in a fundamental way, can become catastrophic. The participation of new professionals on the project and the management of the building work is an irrefutable fact, not only for work commissioned on a large scale, but for any issue that needs to be faced with a minimum of operational effectiveness. Very often, these professionals come from other careers such as the many engineering disciplines, sociology, economics, management, graphic expression, legislation. And so, at times, another problem appears: the lack of knowledge these professionals have with regard to the basis of architecture, including the normal instruments of architecture. The danger of deforming the architect’s creative synthesis with successive specialisations is, sometimes, obvious enough although it is often disguised with derivations in project and style. That is why it is so important to set up architectural offices that deal with these specialities without in any way abandoning a persistent activity which involves the whole world of construction. Offices which are, at the same time, training schools for those professionals who wish to take part as sectorial specialists.

AIA is a very successful example in this meritorious effort. It is basically an architecture office in the fullest professional sense. It is also an auxiliary centre for the various sectors that are involved in construction today. And, further more, it is a school in which technicians and specialists from other disciplines manage to assimilate architects’ methods and instruments. The years of experience they can muster guarantee their reliability. And the youthful enthusiasm they show ensures the capacity of dialogue and battling non-conformity in favour of creativity.”


December 2002


Pour Ledoux c’était facile; il n’avait pas de tubes.

That is what Le Corbusier said… and was completely right. The load bearing structure responsible for defining architectural spaces throughout millenniums has given it up. Our roofs are no longer able to express how they remain stand, we no longer see domes, vaults with ingenious geometries, structural wood frameworks, wood panelling, metal beams, ceramic filler blocks; but instead, we can see pipes, supply and return grilles, fire detectors, sprinklers, speakers, fluorescent light trays, downlights, wallwashers and so on. While having dinner at one of these scary underground banquet halls in any contemporary hotel, the idea of look upwards come to mind, is natural to suffer a serious indigestion and not only by the poor quality of food and wine habitual in these events.

The works from AIA that we can observe here are a meritorious contribution to the battle that architects have against both bylaws, firefighters, insurance companies, project managers and quality controls, as against horrible standard technical elements produced by obtuse companies designers…This is about a final battle and we are lucky enough to have Salazar and Navarro among us.”


September 2007


“The project gives the life to the technique not the opposite, this is our though. We had been searching for engineering whom understand us, till we meet this young architects and engineers team, whom are able to work together since the beginning of the project our relationship with INSTAL·LACIONS ARQUITECTÒNIQUES, has prove us that the quality of there work enhances ours; we don’t have to hide the technique any more.

Although people affirms, architect is someone who seams an engineer at the artist’s home and at the engineer’s home seams as an artist, at AIA, home, we just seam architects.”


January 2003


“The ACTIVITATS ARQUITECTONIQUES team adds a new organisation concept in the architectural offices in Spain. This combination of architecture and engineering, design and technical efficiency of quality (…) has seduced me to work with them, since it’s exactly the same feeling I have about the architectural evolution so technical and cultural inside and outside of Europe. This collaboration work began for a very important project as the “Torrent de la Batllòria” Sport Complex in Badalona (…), it has been only the beginning, so other important projects are waiting for us.”


March 2003


“It was through Enric Miralles, unfortunately no longer with us, that they first met in the early nineties and that the vocations and aspirations of the young Navarro and Salazar, both graduates of ETSAB (the Barcelona School of Architecture) were fi rst brought together. And it was through their dialogue with Miralles, united by their enthusiasm and desire to put into practice a new architectural language, that Salazar and Navarro learned how to break free of architectural clichés and, during this early phase, acquire the mental attitude of the architect, and it I on that basis that they have laid the foundations of their own particular idiosyncrasy: “Architecture is a trade in which it is the architect that defi nes his own limits. With Enric Miralles we consolidated, in our minds, the conviction that in architecture almost anything is possible. One has to establish the boundaries of the field on which one is going to play and within which one is going to take risks”.

This has turned them into pioneers in their understanding of the idea that architecture, as a service and as work of collaboration, is a product of the capacity of a group structure that can make possible an optimised resolution of the most minute technical and design details, converting the architect’s studio into a many-headed beast, in which creative genius is positively subordinated to the combined contributions of the team as a whole and to the generation of an intelligent network in which every specialised aspect plays a fundamental role in the achievement of the common goals.”


January 2010

Certificates and Awards

ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

All our processes are guaranteed by the quality certificate ISO 9001:2015

Selected Work “Contemporary Architecture Prize of the European Union, Mies van der Rohe Award 2009”

Hotel ME – Work held together with Dominique Perrault and Corada Figueras, February 2009

1r PRIZE “more sustainable property development BMP2007 of spanish territory”

For MEP Engineering project “48 housing in Vilafranca de Bonany”

1r PRIZE “ACCÉS 2007”

Application Projects granted by Salas Foundation, wih the Bath System Design “TOTS”

Green Spanish Architecture Representatives in the “GREEN BUILDING CHALLENGE ESPAÑA 2005 SB05 DE TOKIO”

Buildings shown at the Spanish pavilion in Tokyo:

“Gitanjali Primary School”

“Bellvitge swimming pool and Multipurpose rooms”

1r PRIZE “ACTECIR” at the VI MEP Competition in building facilities innovation

For “MEP Engineering projects in JAUME I and ÀGORA buildings at the University Pompeu Fabra (1997)”


– Architecture projects
– Urban Planning projects
– Landscape architecture
– Master Plans
– Special Plans
– Restoration
– Interior design
– Retail
– Project management
– Site management
– License Management
– Appraisal reports
– BIM – Building Information Modeling


– MEP Engineering projects
– Industrial design
– Project management
– Site management
– Consulting
– Audits
– Energy efficiency certifications
– Environmental and activity licences
– MEP legalisations
– Common Telecommunications Infrastructure (ICT)
– Secutity and emergency plans
– Appraisal reports
– Feasibility research
– BIM – Building Information Modeling

Abantia Instalaciones, SAU
Acciona Inmobiliaria, SLU
Ajuntament Badalona Esports
Ajuntament de Badalona
Ajuntament de Barcelona
Ajuntament de Cardedeu
Ajuntament de Gava
Ajuntament de L’hospitalet
Ajuntament de Parets del Valles
Ajuntament de Ripollet
Ajuntament Gava, Gavanenca de Terrenys
Ajuntament Sant Just Desvern
Ajuntament Santa Margarida i els Monjos
Ajuntament St Pere de Riudebitlles
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Altamira Santander Real Estate, SA
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Club Natacio Catalunya
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Edificio Riusec, SA
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Fundació Privada Hospital Sta Creu
Futbol Club Barcelona
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Köllmann Española, SL
Kiddy’s Class España, SA
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L’H 2010 Stat Privada Municipal, SA
Mancomumitat de Municipis Area Metropolitana de Barcelona
Manrique Planas Arquitectes SLP
Masjoan Mollfulleda, Ramon
Material Verda, SL
Mercafred, SL
Mialbert, SL
Mitsubishi Electric Europe, BV
Monge Rubio, Eugenio
Nacher, Victor
Oikos Physei, SL
Oikphybyo, SL

Optima Management, SL
Ortiz Povedano, Antonio
Oysho España, SA
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Patrimonial Mimola, SL
Peñas Martinez, Alejandro
Perrault, Dominique
Promusa -Promociones Municipales de Sant Cugat del Vallès
Pujol Arquitecturas, SLP
Pull & Bear España, SA
Rivero Crespo, Eduardo
Roig Construcciones y Servicios, SL
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Alonso & Balaguer Arquitectes
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Antoni Bou, Arquitectes, SL
Aran Corbella, Eulalia
Area Metropolitana de Barcelona
Argenti Salvado, Victor
Aros Estudio de Arquitectura, SA
Arquitecturas Oscar Tusquets Blanca
Artigues Vidal, Jaume
Asil Santa Anna, Fundació Privada
Asz Arquts, SL
Aulenti, Gae
B720 Arquitectura
Baas Jordi Badia, SL
Baena-Casamor Arquitectes BCQ, SL
Barceló-Balanzó Arquitectes SLP
Barcelona Activa SPM, SAU
Barcelona Integral Projects, SL
Bargues Idees i Projectes, SL
Benedito Rovira, Josep
BG Ingenieros
Bibiloni, Cerda, Company Arquitect
BIS Arquitectes, David Garcia, SLP
Bonell i Gil Arquitectes, SL
Bosch, Manel
Brotheric, SL
Bru Bistuer, Eduard
Brullet-Pineda Arquitectes, SL
BT Arquitectes, Scp
Busnan Invest, SL
Ca n’Arimon, UTE
Caixa de Catalunya
Caixa d’Estalvis de Sabadell
Caixa d’Estalvis i Pensions
Caufec, SA
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CC245 Arquitectos, SLP
Cercle del Liceu
Club Natacio de Barcelona
Club Natació Catalunya
Club Poliesportiu Europolis, SL
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Comeron i Graupere, Lluis
Comunidad Gral de Propietarios de Illa del Mar

Comunitat de Propietaris Carrer Monistrol, 33 Barcelona
Consell Català de l`Esport
Consorci Mercat de les Flors
Construcciones PAI, SA
Construccions Gallisa
Copcisa Inmobiliaria, SL
Corpedificacions, SL
Costa Savall, Rosa
Corada Figueras Arquitectes
Crespo Nomen, Frederic
Crespo y Blasco
D’Aura Arquitectura
Diagonal Mar Immobles, SL
Dibrok Eines, SL
Dino Ibañez & Associats, SL
Domenech, Lola arq.
Don Piso
Dragados, SA
E Donato Arquitecte & Associats, SL
Edificio Riusec, SA
Egea, Alex
Electromecanica Soler, SL
Engestur, SA
Enric Pare Arq. Associats, SL
Equip Respostes, SL
Espais Diagonal Mar, SL
Europolis-Segura Lahosa, UTE
Fahe Consulting
Fahrenheith451 Arquitectura
Ferre i Pueyo, Gemma
Festina-Lotus, SA
Figueras, Virginia
Fira 2000, SA
Foment Ciutat Vella
Forgas Arquitectes, SLP
Fundacio Bancaria la Caixa
Fundació Gran Teatre del Liceu
Fundació Municipal Joan Abelló
Fundació Orfeó Català
Fundacio Privada Guillem Mas
Gallardo-Bravo Arquitectos, SLP
Garces, Jordi
Garcia Riera, SL
Garmos Business, SL
Garraf Mediterrania, SA
Gavanenca de Terrenys i Immobles, SA
Generalitat Catalunya. Benestar Social
Generalitat Catatalunya. Dep. Cultura
Gestio d’Infraestructures, SA
Gili Galfetti, Gustau
Gimbernat, Jose A.
Giro Borras, Marçal
Goday Baylina, Josep
Goldoil-Orokuibir, SL
Grupo Inmobiliario Barnagestio 2000
Hangar Associacio Artistes Visuals
Henrich i Monras, Jordi
Hines Diagonal 123, SL
Hito Espacios, SL
Holmes Place Health Club
Hotel Font del Genil, SL
Humana, SA

Iber Espais Europa, SL
ICF Equipaments, SAU
Iluminación Catalana, SA
Impulsa Grup Ortiz, SL
Inaraja Genís, Meritxell
Ingeniería y Proyectos Electricos
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Institut Tecnologia Construcció CAT
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Kelvin Europea, SL
Kleinmann, Ana
Lagranja Design Arq
La Pinassa-Prom. i Serveis Municipals
Lay, Charmayne
Llimona, Ruiz, Recorder Arquitectes
Macomunitat de Municipis de l’Àrea Metropolitana de Barcelona
Manrique Planas Arquitectes, SLP
Marge 5 Retorn, SL
Martínez Gil, Antonia
Massana Castanys, Francisco
Massip Bosch, Enric
MBM Arquitectes, SL
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Metrovacesa, SA
Miralles, Enric
Miranda Girbau, Eva
Modultec, SL
Moliner Office Architects, SL
Muro, Carles
Museu de Terrassa
Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya
Negre Balsas, Ma. Àngels
Nogue Onzain i Roig Arquitectes, SC
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Nous Espais Torrent, SA
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Ortiz Povedano, Antonio
Paez Blanch, Roger
Parroquia St Genis Vilassar de Dalt
Pascual Vicent, Josep
Pastor Mongrell, Alfred
Patronat Municipal Habitatge
Pegi Engineering, SLP
Peris, Toral, Bonell i Gil, UTE
PGI 2000, Consultoria i Enginyeria de Barcelona, SL
Ponseti Valiente, Jordi
Prodiba, SL
Promedibe, SA

Promociones Artibox, SL
Promociones Habitat, SA
Promocions i Habitatge Loyfe 2005, SL
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Promodomus SA
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Proyectos Civiles y Tecnologicos, SA – Setsis UTE
PSP Arquitectura
Pujol Arquitectura SLP
Pujol Mongay, Eulalia
Ramos Polo, Javier
Rende Bertran, Casimiro
Requejo Falceto, Jose A.
Residencial Castellmar
Restaurant Cote Sud
Reyal Urbis, SA
Reyes Quijada, Juan Carlos
Rfc Arquitectes, SL
Rga Arquitectes, SA
Roig Construcciones y Servicios SL
Rosell Bernardez Arquitectes, SCP
Rosello Sangenis Arquitectes, SCP
Rqp Arquitectura, SL
Ruggiero, Gianni
Sabadell Gent Gran Centre de Serves
Sanmartí, Jaume
Securo Limited
Sendra Vives, Sergi
Serra, Dani
Sierra Fernandez, Pau
Sierra i Callejas Arquitectes, SLP
Sola Cortasa, Sebastià
Sole Ribas, Pau
Sports Bar
Stitzman Staiff, David
Stone Home, SL
Sub-Way, SL
Sumo Arquitectes, SLP
Sunshine Ferradura, SL
Tda Arquitectura y Urbanismo 2002
Technip Iberia, SA
Tecnifred, SA
Televisió de Catalunya, SA
Tiferca, SA
Tiger Bay, SL
Toolstudio, SL
Trair, SL
Tusquets Blanca, Òscar
Universitat Internacional de Catalunya
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
Universitat Pompeu Fabra
UTE Argenti-Forgas
UTE Biblioteca d’Arquitectura
UTE Luis Angel Dominguez & Fahe Consulting Arq, SLP
Valles Entorn, SA
Valls Ortiz, Ramón
Vegas Llobell, Guillermo
Ventura Varcarcel, Magdalena
Vila Fonolleda, Ágata
Vila Fontcuberta, Jaume
Vinyoles, Joaquim
Vora Arquitectura, SCP


Robert Brufau, Doctor of Architecture
Jorge Blasco, architect
Oriol Palou, architect
David Garcia, Doctor of Architecture – BIS structures


Ariel Ramírez
Joan Mundó
Noelia Murillo
Pep Gaudé, Basílica Sagrada Família

Technicians and Specialists

Tècnics i Especialistes

Agustí Grau – Antoni Sapiña – Arnau Tornero – Bettina Leitner – Carlos Avila – Carlos Pueyo – Cristina Monjas – David Rotllan – Doménica Torres – Edson Kenji – Enrique Rivera – Fabio Aurichio – Fermín Porta – Francesc Verdaguer – Gemma Cuch – Gemma Soler – Ignasi Arcarons – Ignasi Prat – Ivan Navarro – Ivan Romero – Javier de Miguel – Jesús Cerezales – Joan Puebla – Jocelyne de Botton – Jordi Fornells – Jordi Martin – Jordi Oliva – Jordi Pellejero – Juan Roberto Vásquez – Juana Carolina Suárez – Karina Scarone – Konstanze Müller – Laia Roca – Laura Otero – Laura Pallisé – Laura Valriberas – Luis Lozada – Marc Binefa – Marco Andrés Vásquez – Marina Cella – Mariona Gener – Marta Bartolí – Mauricio Castro – Meritxell Barba – Michela Mezzavilla – Miquela Fontanet – Mónica Asenjo – Mónica Navarro – Montse Santolaria – Nacho Choza – Nicolau Freitas – Olivier Douillet – Oriol Anglada – Oriol Fernández – Pablo Martínez – Pere Sánchez – Ramon Fornós – Ricard Muros – Robert Calonge – Roberto Zaffari – Rubén Moragues – Sandra Olivares – Sebastian Dreifuss – Sergi Marimón – Vicky Figuerola – Víctor Pérez – Virginia Arbona – Xavier Gómez

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25 years carrying out Architecture and MEP Engineering projects