We finish a 80 social housing project in Mollet with sustainability as our main concern

The team of AIA Instalacions Arquitectòniques has participated in the project of two promotions that add up to eighty multi-family homes with Pascual-Ausió-Fernández Arquitectes in Mollet del Vallès.

Our collaboration has consisted of the installation of an aerothermal air conditioning system for the production of air conditioning and DHW, the recovery of greywater from the showers for its reuse in the network of toilets and the incorporation of high energy efficiency systems such as LED technology for lighting and presence detectors, reducing consumption.

AIA’s commitment to the need to provide sustainable solution facilities is gaining recognition ranging from the energy label A to the “Green” building sustainability certificate awarded by the Green Building Council Spain. This goal is achieved through the good use of resources and the care of environmental quality, among others.


Camp del Ferro in the 48h Open House

More than 44,000 people attended, last weekend, the 48h Open House Barcelona Architecture Festival!

A success that has been articulated from guided tours in different buildings throughout the city and where we have been able to present the new #CampdelFerro Sports Center in La Sagrera, with all the current security measures.

Thanks for coming to enjoy the building!



AIA instal·lacions silver finalist in Tres Diamantes Award by Mitsubishi Electric

A project in which the AIA Installations team has collaborated has been a Silver finalist in the category less than 200kW in the sisena edition of the Premi Tres Diamantes organized by Mitsubishi Electric.

The award for the project of the nova seu de Sorigué, located in the Madrid locality of Vicálvaro and has been selected as one of the sis finalists that reconnects the million projects in energy efficiency and innovation in climate control.

The work has been the responsibility of the 080 Arquitectura studio and AIA has commissioned the facilities. According to the jury, all the finalist projects in this edition have in common the innovative use of air conditioning technologies, the intelligent use of the environment and natural resources to make their buildings more efficient and energetically autonomous.


AIA Office reform

We have returned to AIA renewed. Following all security measures, we have taken advantage of these days to reform the office and thus have a space to work in a healthier and safer way for everyone. Nature is the protagonist of the intervention and accompanies us throughout the journey, from the entrance to the office.

Finished the new construction of a residential building in the Eixample of Barcelona

We have finished the new construction of a residential building in the Eixample of Barcelona!

It is a 16-apartment building built on the corner of Industria Street with Roger de Flor, a challenge considering the integration of the estate within the emblematic environment of the Barcelona neighborhood. It is for this reason that we decided to preserve the existing façade and integrate the new façade and galleries, corresponding to the two upper floors of new construction.

The result, a building that respects the consolidated image of the Eixample where only the change in texture and the color of the different parts of the façade give us a clue as to which part of the pre-existing building is and which is the new one.

Kabul National Museum Project

After 8 years of waiting, the project of the Kabul National Museum begins. This project will serve to safeguard the ancient cultural memory of #Afghanistan and was the result of an international competition for which the architect Toño Foraster won the first prize. It will have the support of AIA for the development of the facilities project and BIS structures for the structures project.

Find more of our cultural projects here

AIA in FEDER program



Winners of the fifth edition of the Mitsubishi 3 Diamond Award for the Villa “Sa Ferradura”


We have been winners of the 3 Diamond Award for the project of conditioning that we carried out in the rehabilitation of Sa Ferradura, as a rural hotel. This project is also winner of the BEST VILLA Europe.

Located on the rocky island in the north of Ibiza, the complete rehabilitation of the building was carried out, both architecturally and in terms of facilities. A new volumetry and an extension of the built terrain were proposed. The purpose of the project was to create facilities that were invisible and efficient. The strategy of the winning project was based on uniting the systems of water use to be implemented on the island, with the air conditioning systems and using elements of water condensation.

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Finalists in the competition for the new theater in Les Borges Blanques

We have been selected finalists in the competition for the new theater in Les Borges Blanques. The proposal develops the functional program in one floor; with a high central volume where we find the polyvalent room and two lower volumes at both sides of this big space that contain the rest of the program. The building’s envelope acts as a dynamic enclosure, changing its properties depending on the exterior temperature: in winter isolates while during summer helps to evacuate the indoor heat.

The Nave Sorigué in Madrid receives the global qualification “3 HOJAS VERDE”. A building designed by 080 Arquitectura in which AIA we have developed the MEP project.

The Nave Sorigué in Madrid, a building designed by 080 Arquitectura in which AIA we have developed the MEP project, has received the global qualification “3 HOJAS VERDE” from the Green Building Council Spain, an organization of an international initiative for a sustainable built environment.

The proposal integrates active and passive factors, following sustainability and energy-saving criteria.  It has demand reduction systems (through isolation and use of building synergies), high efficiency production systems (aerothermy) and energy production with renewable sources, incorporating photovoltaic panels on the roof of the building. When we refer to passive systems, we find solar filters in the windows that avoid the unwanted contribution of solar radiation, skylights in workshops and offices to take advantage of natural light and elements that guarantee cross ventilation, among others.

“Camp del Ferro” sports hall work continues

The first of the three courts of the sports hall designed in collaboration with BB Arquitectes and Gustau Gili has been covered. The building is characterized by the resolution of the façades by a ceramic latticework that we have designed exclusively for the equipment. The piece not only resolves the main enclosure but also avoids the impact of the solar radiation in the interior.

To this day, the structure and the grandstands of the two basement floors have been finished and the steel-girder frame of the first floor has been placed. During the next weeks the concrete nucleus will be finished and the steel-girder frame of the roof will be placed. Meanwhile the interior ceramic walls are being constructed.

The inauguration of the Easy Hotel l’Hospitalet will take place tomorrow

Tomorrow Tuesday 22nd October takes place the inauguration of the Easy Hotel l’Hospitalet, a building designed by Corada Figueras Arquitectes in which AIA we have developed the MEP project. With a total of 204 rooms and 34 parking places, the building includes energy demand reduction systems, and optimization and recuperation of resources.

El projecte d’ESPINET/UBACH Arquitectes, del que AIA hem realitzat la proposta d’instal·lacions, ha resultat guanyador del concurs per a la restauració del Celler de Vila-Seca

Behind the slogan NUA, the project from ESPINET/UBACH Arquitectes, in which AIA we have developed the MEP project, has resulted the winner of the competition to restore and convert the “noucentista” Cellar of Vila-Seca into a scenic space.

The project reaches the architectonic and patrimonial rehabilitation of the building by keeping and giving value to its totality, contemplating its maximum integration in the historical context of the old Cellar. The proposal integrates three factors to follow some practically null consume criteria: demand reduction systems (by the isolation and profit of the building synergies), high efficient production systems (geothermal and aerothermal systems associated to the different uses) and energy production by renewable fonts and the possibility of incorporating photovoltaic panels in the new volume of the scenic box. Regarding to the passive systems, the new volume of the scenic box enables to have opening elements in the highest part of the façade, encouraging the natural ventilation of the space during the non-activity moments. The same way, in winter, it is proposed to recirculate the hot air stratified in the highest part by the air handlers, seizing the heat recovery units.

The Works of a residential building in Industria Street, have started

The project is developed in two plots located in Industria Street, in Barcelona. The existing buildings are demolished and it is only maintained the original façade in Industria Street. The final result consists in an only five store building and the rehabilitation of an emblematic façade of Barcelona´s history.

In order to integrate the new building with the surroundings, the heights of the original floors are maintained and the image proposed for the new façades integrates the characteristics of the Eixample neighborhood. In total, the building will be composed of 14 apartments from the first to the last floor and 2 duplex apartments and a commercial local in the street floor.

L’escola Gitanjali ha complert 55 anys

This year Gitanjali School has reached 55 years from the first time that it opened its doors the 2nd November 1962. About 20 years ago, AIA designed the infant and elementary school, located in Badalona’s old center. The most singular element of the building is the double interpretation of the façades: one image is urban, the façade that faces out towards the street, including the main entrance and offering a colder, more urban and modular image; while the inward facing façade, the side that the children see, is absolutely dynamic, marked out by its striking chromatic contrasts, through its movement and informally bright and pure colors.

The works of reform and extension of Can Millars swimming pool have finished.

Last month we finished the works of reform and extension of Can Millars swimming pool in Cornellá. The project, carried out in collaboration with Francesc Pla and Eva Serrats of Leve, has a total built surface of 3.913 m2 and will feature 3 pools: one of them to swim, another one for activities and a third one for the children.

The project has consisted in improving the quality of the facility, the construction of a new pool and leveling the main entrance of the building to the street level, generating a new access square to the building. With the new access, appears a new and better relation between the building and the public space.

The XVIII Mediterranean Games start at the new Sports Palace in Tarragona.

Today Wednesday 20th June at eight in the afternoon will take place the inauguration of the “Palau d’Esports Catalunya” in Tarragona, an event presided by the president of the Generalitat de Catalunya, Mr. Quim Torra i Pla.

The Sports Palace, designed by AIA and BB Arquitectes, has a surface of 10.800 m2 and a capacity of 5.000 spectators. It is composed of different sports courts, all of them Olympic, and will be the building intended to host the handball competition during the Games.

Vil·la Urània, a project by SUMO Arquitectes and Yolanda Olmo, in which AIA we have developed the MEP project, has the LEED Platinum Certificate.

LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) is the most widely used green building rating system in the world, developed by the US Green Building Council. Projects pursuing LEED certification earn points across several categories, including energy use and air quality. Based on the number of points achieved, a project then earns one of four LEED rating levels: Certified, Silver, Gold or Platinum: LEED Certified (40-49 points earned), LEED Silver (50-59 points earned), LEED Gold (60-69 points earned) and LEED Platinum (80+ points earned).

La Vil·la Urània has just reached the LEED Platinum Certificate. It excels by the use of intermediate spaces, with a natural acclimatization, closed by a big façade composed of overlapped filters that adapt to the exterior conditions, providing the building a vegetal façade that accompanies the users during all their activities. Moreover, it has a geothermal energy production system and air treatment with active inductors. The ventilation is generated through local conditioners with a high efficiency in the energy recovery. The recuperation of the rainwater for the irrigation of the green façade and the illumination with LED regulated system set the rest of the active elements. All of them managed through a centralized BMS that enables to follow the system operation.

The reform and extension of a multi-family building in Gràcia Street in Sabadell has finished.

The project consists in the reform and extension of a building intended for housing in the first and second floor and commercial premise in the ground floor. It is a building in Gracia Street in Sabadell, and belongs to the ensemble “Cases Salvany” catalogued in the Special Plan of Asset Protection with a volumetric level of protection.

The intervention has consisted in the recuperation and restauration of the most significant elements (a sculpted frieze, a modernist false ceiling, the roof…) and also the integral reform of the building and the construction of a new volume that is aligned with the existing façade through a system of vertical slats. The final result is composed of a total of four apartments, two of them duplex, and a commercial premise in the ground floor.

The Works of the “Hotel Rosamar” in Lloret de Mar has finished. It is a project from Valentí Orpí and Joaquim Planiol and AIA has designed the MEP

The Rosamar hotel, from the architects Valentí Orpí and Joaquim Planiol and which AIA has been in charge of implementing the installations, opens its doors.

It is a four-star hotel with a total of 119 rooms. The building is composed of seven storeis above ground. The ground floor of the building contains the reception, the bar and the restaurant of the hotel and the other floors are intended for the rooms.

The reform of Cinesa’s office has finished

Last month finished the works of the reform of Cinesa’s offices. The project intends to give personality and character to the offices, simulating the interior of a cinema since the entrance hall. Once inside, the spaces are treated with vinyls following the cinematographic topic and also using diverse elements with the corporative colors of the enterprise.

The works of the new sports hall in the Municipal Sports Complex Les Comes in Igualada have started

The construction of the new sports hall in the Municipal Sports Complex Les Comes in Igualada has started.

The building, annex to the 4 existing courts, is conceived as a light installation, with a lot of natural light and a new entrance hall in a triple space that will connect the 4 existing courts.   This new space will solve the accessibility of the users and spectators inside the pavilion and also will communicate with the court and the stands of the annexed pavilions.

The new building will be composed of stands for 275 spectators, a sports court, changing rooms and offices. The MEP will include all the sustainable and energy efficiency criteria like natural lighting and ventilation or biomass boiler.

The number 27 of the magazine iCandela includes the lighting Project of CaixaForum from AIA and reMM

In 2014, AIA + reMM were the winners of the competition to the exterior lighting of the modernist factory CasaRamona, better known as CaixaForum Barcelona. The main objective of the project was the restitution of the night visibility and presence of the building in the city with an efficient and ecological intervention.

Last month, the magazine iCandela, in the number 27, dedicated the section URBA to the reinterpretation of the architecture of this patrimonial building through light. By a design that gives a respectful and integrated approximation thanks to key concepts that resolve the existing lighting problematics and minimize the integration between light and architecture. The lights go unnoticed, giving the building all the leading.

iCandela 27, p.68-73

Delivery of Vic library MEP basic project

We have just delivered the basic project of the new Library in Vic (Spain), a project designed by the architecture studio Arquitectes BCQ.

The building is located in the old Police barracks and will have a total surface of 4.000 m2. The design strategy of the project is the reduction of the energy demand, the use of high efficient systems and the provision of renewable energies in order to increase the energetic self-sufficiency of the building. The main actions that have made this strategy possible have been the burry of some floors of the building (to reduce the loose of energy), the adjustment of the lighting levels to the needs and the installation of a mixt conditioning system between aerothermal and biomass. The idea is that the design will approach the building to the objectives of a “practically zero” energy consumption building (NZeB).

The Works of the Tropical Beach Club have started

Last January started the rehabilitation of the Tropical Beach Club in Gavà.

The proposal consists in an integral reform of the building, the façades and the surroundings. The ground floor is transformed to be opened to the exterior and it is reconverted into an open space, containing the reception and the restaurant. The basement floor includes changing rooms, a gym, a treatment zone and the multipurpose hall. In the first floor the existing program is reconverted into 14 luxury hotel rooms. Both types of rooms (sea and mountain) have private terraces and some of them also have private pools.

The Works of two housing projects of Solvia have started: in Barcelona with BB Arquitectes and in Sitges with GCA Architects.

Solvia’s project in “la carretera de Ribas” is composed of two buildings with 35 apartments, storerooms, commercial premises and parking. In Sitges starts the first of three housing blocks with storerooms and parking. The first project is from Barceló Balanzó Arquitectes and the second one from GCA Architects and AIA has designed the MEP project of both of them.

Delivery of Navarcles municipal swimming pool executive project

We have recently delivered the executive project of Navarcles municipal swimming pool, a competition in collaboration with 080 arquitectura that we won last July. The project consists in the demolition of the existing buildings in order to build a new facility that will enlarge the existing complex and the use of the sports facilities during the whole year. The proposal includes a gym, new changing rooms and an interior pool to the directed activities that will complement the exterior pools and the tennis and paddle courts.

The Works of the theatre ‘L’Artesà’ has begun

The rehabilitation of the theatre ‘L’Artesà’ in El Prat de Llobregat has recently started. It is a project by Forgas Arquitectes and AIA has designed the MEP. The proposal incorporates a special sensibility with the history of the space and its social use.

The developing project contemplates the integration of energy saving systems and sustainable criteria are reflected in the maximum utilization of the preexisting and the use of natural and ecologic materials. After an analysis of the different uses of the facility and theirs synergies, the installations are designed in order to be an integral part of the energy saving system. In that sense, the use of the water in the phreatic level, very present in El Prat, focus the proposal of conditioning production. On the other way, a control and management system integrated in the installations will let in an easy way a correct conduction of them and monitoring of the savings achieved by the systems proposed.

Inauguration of Barcelona’s Christmas crib in Sant Jaume square

Tomorrow, November 24th, will take part the inauguration of Barcelona’s Christmas crib in Sant Jaume square. The installation will be opened every day from 10.00 to 24.00 hours until January 9th.

The project has been designed by the architect Jordi Darder and AIA has been in charge of the lighting. The proposal presents an elevated crib with the figures cut in methacrylate and raised with metal supports. The 25 characters will have different orientations, offering to the spectators several scenes of the crib from concrete points of view in the square. The lighting will take part of the scene all the time. Thanks to some LED strips integrated in the pieces, during the day the figures will be projected in the façades with colors and reflects, and during the night will generate a particular scenography that will be repeated each 15 minutes after the sunset.

The new sports center ‘Camp del Ferro’ works has begun

We have recently started the construction of the new sports center ‘Camp del Ferro’, a project in collaboration with BB Arquitectes ang Gustau Gili. The new pavilion will be composed of 2 PAV2 courts and one PAV3 court.

Due to the huge volume that appears because of the large program and the small dimension of the plot, we have decided semi-bury the two PAV 2 and overlap the third court in a higher level. Thanks to that, we not only reduce the visual impact, but also create a new urban square that will act as a filter between the street and the building. By reducing the exposed surface of the center, the thermic inertia increases, and improves energetically the complex. The structural system is metallic and the enveloping ceramic with different color and typologies of latticework.

Can Millars swimming pool work continues

The project, which was carried out in collaboration with Francesc Pla i Eva Serrats of Leve, has a total built surface of 3.913 m2 and will feature 3 pools: one of them to swim, another one for activities and a third one for the children. The most important transformation in Can Millars consists in leveling the main entrance of the building to the street level, generating a new access square to the building. With this intervention appears a new and better relation between the building and its closer environment. Furthermore, it is carried out an integral renovation of the interior spaces of the building, it is constructed a new swimming pool and it is improved the quality of the facility.

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We are inaugurating our first residential building in Algeria

It has been inaugurated in Alger our residential building with 27 high standing apartments. It is the first construction that we finish in that country, where we have other projects in process as part of our international expansion.

The building is composed of two parking floors, a half-underground floor intended for office and seven floors for housing making a total of 1.600 m2. It has four apartments in each floor, from two to five rooms per apartment. The distribution of the properties promotes the better use of the natural light that can be sifted using the exterior sliding wooden shutters giving dynamism to the main façade. The building has all the European standards in terms of installations efficiency and quality.

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The Vil·la Urània, a project by SUMO Arquitectes and Yolanda Olmo, in which AIA we have developed the MEP project, has resulted international finalist in the Green Solution Awards 2017 in the category “Smart Building”

The Green Solution Awards is an international competition organized by the Construction21 network, in which buildings, districts and infrastructures that contribute to the fight against the climate change are highlighted.  The modernization project of Vil·la Urània, to receive social and cultural facilities, has been selected as a finalist and will be presented in the exhibition hall Batimat, in Paris, during the next November to opt for the International Winners Award.

Vil·la Urània was a residence from the end of the 19th century, home and observatory of the astronomer Comas i Solà, located in the Sarrià-Sant Gervasi District in Barcelona, where a new facility complex of 3.200 m2 has been established, accepting the challenge of giving the existing building and the gardens a new life by an energy-efficient and low consumption work. The new facility excels by the use of intermediate spaces, with a natural acclimatization, closed by a big façade composed of overlapped filters that adapt to the exterior conditions, providing the building a vegetal façade that accompanies the users during all their activities. Our collaboration has consisted in the developing of the MEP of the building, whose construction was finished this summer.

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Award for the best Wellness Center Swimming Pool

We have been awarded in the “Piscina & Wellness Barcelona 2017” with the project Metropolitan Club in Badalona, in the category Best Wellness Center Swimming Pool.

Inside the space of the old cinema “picarol” in Badalona, the construction of the sports center is raised inside an existent volume, keeping the original exterior enclosure and creating a new interior skin. The space is conceived as a huge atrium surrounded by a vacuum occupied in the ground floor by a 25×10 m swimming pool and crowned in its upper part by a glazed enclosure and an exterior terrace in the roof floor.  From the access that once was the emergency exit of the cinema, a huge activity volumetric, light and contrasts are discovered. Functional spaces, dynamics, with great natural lighting quality and manageable exterior ventilation, let the practice of multiple disciplines. The materials used in the project are high durability with low maintenance and few variations.

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Winners of ‘Cala San Miguel Hotels’ Ideas Competition in Ibiza

The Ideas Competition, promoted by Real Estate San Miguel SA, have as a single objective The Hotel Complex ‘Puerto San Miguel’ in Ibiza through the complete refurbishing and rebuilding of its three Hotels: Galeón, Cartago and San Miguel. The conceptual commitment of the Competition, called ‘Mediterraneally’, it is translated as an authentic Mediterranean experience, away from other overcrowded places in Ibiza, that revolves around the views, the enjoyment of the Mediterranean Sea and its calm, gastronomy and landscapes.

The winning design, by AIA Activitats Instal·lacions Arquitectòniques in collaboration with Romano Arquitectos, proposes the restoration and redesign of the Hotels so as to maintain their use but providing value to the complex; improving itineraries, diversifying public areas and providing better quality spaces to stay and contemplate the place. Currently, with a fragmented landscape, the design expects to reconnect and reintegrate the buildings into the environment, generating a harmonic fabric and reinforcing the typical coastal vegetation strip. A design with Mediterranean essence, island identity and constructive sincerity.


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Presentation of the new Exterior Lighting Design of Caixaforum Barcelona

During the evening of the 15th of December, ‘Obra Social La Caixa’ presented the new Exterior Lighting Design of Caixaforum Barcelona. The lighting up ceremony was attended by the General Manager of “La Caixa” Banking Foundation, Elisa Durán, among other guest.

At the end of 2014, ‘Obra Social La Caixa’ launched a competition of ideas for exterior lighting design of the building with the aim of improving the visibility and presence at night and updating the lighting of its inner streets in the most efficient and environmentally friendly way.

The winning design, by AIA Albert Salazar + reMM Michela Mezzavilla, provides a respectful and integrated approach through key concepts that solve the existing lighting problems and maximize the integration between light and architecture so that the luminaires become unnoticed, giving up all the importance to the building.


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Badalona ‘cut the tape’ of the new Stadium

Last Sunday, 29th of January, an Open House day took place at the new Stadium, which was opened to citizens to be visited. During the same afternoon, the enthusiast of the local team ‘CF Badalona’ were able to enjoy the first match against ‘RCD Español B’. The event was attended by the architect responsible for the project, Joan Carles Navarro.

The Municipal Stadium of Badalona is a building integrated within the slope and natural structure of the terrain, half-buried with practically no external presence and without facades, nor perimetral walls; but it sits in a natural way within the orography of the terrain. With an austere conception, a functional design and with a combination of materials that gives an elegant and integrated image; it has a capacity for 4.170 spectators expandable up to 12.000 and a pitch of 105×68 m.

The works have lasted for 19 months and have meant an investment of 7,18 million euros.

News extension – La Vanguardia

News extension – Ajuntament de Badalona


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AIA in the ‘48H Open House’ of Barcelona

Last weekend, on  22-23 October, it have taken place the 48H Open House Barcelona with Badalona as a guest city 2016, within the Architecture Festival of Barcelona. This is the main architecture event of the city, celebrated once a year opening more than 150 buildings of all kinds, shape and size. A unique architectural experience that can be enjoyed through free guided tours, where private architectural space becomes public.

AIA Activitats Instal·lacions Arquitectòniques had the pleasure of participating with three of our most emblematic works in Badalona: the ‘Gitanjali’ School, the ‘Principal’ Theater and ‘La Salut’ Community Centre.


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The works for the construction of the new ‘2017 Mediterranean Games’ Sports Palace at 25% of the execution

Carrying on the works for the new ‘2017 Mediterranean Games’ Sports Palace, and according to the plan, is at 25% of the execution now. The works management of this project, done by AIA Activitats Instal·lacions Arquitectòniques in collaboration with Barceló Balanzó Arquitectes, is being carried out daily with the participation of different technicians. The regional minister of the Presidency of the Catalan Government, Neus Munté, and the Mayor of Tarragona, Josep Fèlix Ballesteros, have claimed in the worksite visit, which took place on the 20th of September, that the main building of Tarragona 2017 ‘will arrive on time and it will be tested before the opening of the Games’.

The works, funded entirely by the Catalan Government, were allocated in three phases: civil engineering, architecture and mep engineering; for a total cost of 10 million euros approximately and with tight deadlines.

The Sports Palace will host the handball competition and in the ‘Mediterranean Ring’ ensemble, where is planned the construction of an outdoor swimming pool and the remodeling of the Athletics Stadium, will take place the athletics, swimming and water polo competitions.


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Celebrating 25 years!!

On Thursday 7th July at 20.30 pm. it will take place, at CaixaForum Barcelona building, the 25th anniversary celebration of AIA Salazar Navarro professional career.

Throughout these years, AIA has always maintained the activity with a full-time team of professionals that has allowed us for developing successful architectural and facilities projects.

During the event, there will be showing projects of our 25 years of experience, which can already be seen in detail at the new website

The ‘2017 Mediterranean Games’ Sports Palace works has begun

Earlier this June the works for the construction of the new ‘2017 Meditarranean Games’ Sports Palace, to be held in Tarragona in July next year, have been launched.

The works are in the first of three construction phases, and are expected to be completed in May 2017, ready for the beginning of the sporting event of the year.

The project, which was carried out in collaboration with Barceló Balanzó Arquitectes, has a total area of 10,800 m2 and a capacity of up to 5,000 spectators. The new Sports Palace will feature various Olympic sports courts, and will be used mainly to host the handball competition during the Games.

News extension – La Vanguardia (spanish)


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The remodeling works of ‘La Masia FC Barcelona’ begin

The remodeling works of ‘La Masia FC Barcelona’, until recently residence of the Futbol Club of young players, begin in order to become the institutional center of the club. The boardroom and the Presidencial office are located there, among other services, so as to give the highest level of representation and visibility to the building. The project of AIA Salazar-Navarro along with Garcés-Bonet-De Seta, begins its way to become true.

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New Gym ‘Metropolitan’ in Badalona

Els antics cinemes Picarol es transformen en el nou gimnàs Metropolitan a Badalona, després de dos anys d’obres, oferint 5.000m2 d’esport al cetre de Badalona.

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Industrial Project in Algiers

Bakú’s Aquatic Center Opening

Opening of Baku Aquatics Center in Azerbaijan for the first European Games of 2015.

It will host the disciplines of Swimming, Diving, and Synchronized Swimming.

Project of Pujol Arquitectes – MEP Engineering AIA instal·lacions arquitectòniques.

1st Prize at the competition for the new ‘Camp del Ferro’ Sports Facility

First Prize at the competition for the new Sports Centre, new summer swimming pool, and the urban development of a new street in the area of Camp del Ferro, in Sagrera neighborhood, in Sant Andreu district.

Coauthors: bb arquitectes and GGG

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Meditarranean Games Sports Palace in Tarragona

AIA wins, in collaboration with Barceló & Balanzó Arquitectes the first prize for the new construction of the Meditarranean Games Sports Palace in Camp Clar, Tarragona.

This will be one of the main equipment for the 2017 Mediterranean Games.

The building will have two entrances: one from the main avenue of the sports area and another from a large open area with a lake that is also going to be created in the same area.

It is expected that works begin in February 2016 and linger for at least one year.

The total project area will cover approximately 10.822m2. The pavilion can accommodate 5,000 people and consist among others of basketball and football courts, …
It is intended that the pavilion can be used by local sports organizations, once the Games are finished.

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Adaptation of Bakú’s Shooting Center 2015

AIA’s MEP team undertakes the design and works management of the adaptation of the Shooting Center, 12.500 m2 built area, within the framework of the European Games Baku 2015.

Hammam Salihine Thermal Resort

AIA submits the first phase of this state project located in Biskra, one of the five most important thermal resorts in Algeria.

The renovation and extension of the complex includes 25.000m2 built area in a total 20,5Ha.

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Hammam Righa Hotel and Thermal Resort

We’ve won the competition for the modernization of Hammam Righa in Algeria, last December of 2012.

The beginning of the construction is planned within the 1st quarter of 2014.

This work consolidates AIA as an international architectural firm in Algeria.

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